C-17 Flight Simulator Facility

Jackson, Mississippi

Allen & Hoshall provided architectural and engineering services for this 28,000 square foot C-17 Flight Simulator Facility and Maintenance Simulator Facility for the Mississippi Air National Guard at Allen C. Thompson Field in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Simulator Facility included the WST Simulator Bay, administrative offices, training and briefing rooms, maintenance rooms, computer and other supporting area rooms. The total project area consists of approximately 12,600 square feet.

The Maintenance Simulator Facility provided combined administrative and maintenance training areas for the C-17 Aircraft in a project scope of approximately 16,000 square feet. The Facility consists of training bays, including Trainer Evaluation Performance Training Set, Aircraft Engine Trainer, Aircraft maintenance System Trainer and Contractor Logistical Support, with large scale mock-ups to provide specialized hands-on instruction for C-17 maintenance. Also, included are areas required to support the operation of the mock up training bays, including class rooms, training offices, administrative areas and toilets.

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