Land Surveying

In additional to having well experienced and trained field surveyors, Allen & Hoshall’s capability to provide digital data allows for multiple platforms. Utilizing Trimble and Autodesk Autocad software, including Civil 3D, we are able to provide digital mapping/surveying data for any client’s needs. In addition, all field data is collected in a digital format allowing for raw data, point files and digital site pictures to be collected, printed and distributed at the client’s request. Using custom field codes, the initial drafting of the survey data is automated eliminating the potential for office errors of manual data entry. All drafted design data is also capable of being sent to the field surveyors for construction layout purposes. All field crews have cellular contact with the office and are able to transfer data to/from the field. Digital data originating from field surveyor using GPS and robotic total stations with digital data collection capabilities allows for field data to be transferred, processed and produced without the field crew having to return to the office. This allows for a quicker turnaround of the survey data. ASCII point files, raw data files, coordinate files and digital field notes are all produced from the digital field data for office calculations and/or client’s needs. Digital photographs with geo-referencing are used to capture site photographs for office drafting assistance and file records.


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