FedEx 180k Traffic & Staging Program

Memphis, Tennessee

Allen & Hoshall has a long history providing design and construction services for the FedEx’s Memphis Hub. The latest example of this experience is the 180k Program which is a group of projects with the goal of increasing sorting capacity from 160,000 packages per hour to 180,000 package per hour. The program consisted of 14 projects involving most of the existing complex and incorporated the old Air National Guard Complex to expand the Memphis Hub to 795 acres. The $50M program included:
• Relocate Re-cycle Station: new facility, paving, drainage, lighting, striping, fencing with wind protection, and utility relocation.
• Relocate Main Screening Facility: 50,000 sq. ft. facility with security base of operations, pedestrian bridge across Democrat Road, and north stair tower, and Democrat Road Parking Lot. LEED Silver.
• Relocate Corp Gas Station: utility relocation, paving, lighting, drainage, sidewalks, and canopies
• Tug Lots: paving, striping, curb and gutters, drainage improvements, security fencing, access control and gates. Lot has 1,470 parking stalls.
• 4-Lane Road: 1 mile, 4-lane thorough fair included paving, lighting, striping, and utility relocation.
• Bulk Truck and Hurricane Creek: site and access improvements and a bridge over Hurricane Creek. Fencing, paving, striping, lighting, and utility relocation were included.
• Democrat Road Screen Wall and Security Fence: including paving and utility relocation.
• Electric Power Conversion: project included the conversion from 13kV to 23kV for the complex.
• Natural Gas Line: connected facilities throughout the complex to the city utilities.

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