Milan Army Ammunition Plant Water System Upgrade

Milan, Tennessee

The Milan Army Ammunition Plant was originally constructed in the early 1940’s to manufacture ammunition during WW II. The complex is housed on a 22,357-acre track in western Tennessee and consists of more than 1,400 buildings and includes in excess of 2.2 million square feet of storage capacity. The plant includes approximately 13 ammunition production “Lines” and at least six “Areas” for ammunition storage, maintenance and administration facilities and disposal sites. The plant has been on the BRAC list for closing since 2005 but several production lines are in full operation and some lines have been leased to private manufacturing companies.

The water system provides potable and production water to the “Lines” as well as fire protection. The system includes two wells supplying water, each with chemical addition facilities for pH control, disinfection and fluoridation. There are five elevated tanks. The distribution system consists of 6-inch through 12-inch water mains, mostly cast iron pipe, which have been in service since the early 1940’s.

In late 2011, Allen & Hoshall was awarded a design contract to replace over 24,000 linear feet of cast iron water mains using AWWA C900 PVC pipe. Some of the new water mains were relocated to be more accessible for maintenance and some of the project was to abandon water mains that were leaking, troublesome, or no longer needed. The project added new fire hydrants to comply with AWWA standards and replaced numerous 1940’s vintage valves, fire hydrants, PIV’s and other accessories.


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