Payne Lane Substation

Byhalia, Mississippi

Allen & Hoshall provided design and construction administration services for a new 161/25 kV substation. The Payne Lane Substation was required to improve system reliability and provide additional capacity for Northcentral EPA.

The Substation design includes two 18/24/30 MVA power transformers with split bus configuration. The 161 kV facilities include a main 161 kV circuit switcher and individual 161 kV circuit switchers at each power transformer. The 25 kV facilities include individual motor operated air break switches and six 25 kV feeder breakers with line regulator bays.

The protective relay system utilizes Schweitzer relay products networked with a communications processor housed in a pre-fabricated concrete control house complete with AC,DC and HVAC systems. This substation was constructed by outside contractors. Allen & Hoshall provided close construction administration and support.

Major Equipment
2 – 161/25 kV 18/24/30 MVA Power Transformers
3 – 161 kV Circuit Switchers
2 – 25 kV Motor Operated Air Break Switches
6 – 25 kV Vacuum Circuit Breakers
18 – 14.4 kV Single Phase Line Voltage Regulators
1 – Relay/Control House with micro-processor relays
Oil Containment System

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