Redstone Arsenal Energy Audit and Improvements

Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Seventy-four buildings connected to the base-wide steam distribution system were evaluated for possible decentralization from the main steam system. The life cycle analysis of the existing steam distribution system compared to a new decentralized natural gas heating/domestic hot water system indicated an annual energy savings of $2,800,000.

Allen & Hoshall provided a detailed energy study and construction documents for implementation of this project. Construction document services included architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and civil documents.

Redstone Arsenal also utilized Allen & Hoshall’s commissioning services that included reviewing design documents and making regular site visits to ensure that installed equipment was per the design documents. Our staff performed start-up checks and functional checks on all equipment and installed controls.

Allen & Hoshall also performed measurement and verification of HVAC and Lighting Systems to verify that actual energy savings met or exceeded proposed savings.

• Steam Decentralization of 74 buildings
• High efficiency natural gas hot water boilers
• High efficiency natural gas water heaters
• Energy management control system
• High efficiency air conditioning equipment
• Geothermal HVAC equipment
• Steam process equipment replacement (laundry, kitchens)
• Occupancy sensor HVAC and lighting system control

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