Roxul Manufacturing Facility

Milton, Ontario CA

In 2012, Roxul International, a Danish company, selected Allen & Hoshall to provide general consultancy, design, construction administration, and inspection services for a green-field stone-wool insulation manufacturing facility was constructed in Marshall County, MS.

The $53 million project included development of a 100-acre site and construction of 16 separate manufacturing, warehouse, and office buildings with a total area of approximately 600,000 sq. ft. The project included underground utilities , asphalt and concrete pavements, site lighting, and site security systems.

The project was designed and constructed on a fast-track basis using two separate construction contractors. To further expedite the schedule, Roxul direct-purchased steel building components and other materials for installation by contractors.

Allen & Hoshall provided traditional design and construction administration services. In addition, the firm provided full-time, on-site construction management and construction inspection personnel.

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