Wolf River Interceptor Relief Sewer

Memphis, Tennessee

The multiple phase project is a 14 mile continuation of a large diameter sanitary sewer along Wolf River to provide additional capacity. Services included sewer alignment; preparation of easements plats and descriptions; construction drawings, specifications and contract documents; bidding phase services; an limited construction administration services.

Phase 1 was competed by the City in 1995.

Phase 2 consisted of 800 feet of 84-inch and 15,000 ft. of 72-inch PVC lined concrete sewer and appurtenances including two tunnels.

Phase 3A included 5,200 ft. of 72-inch PVC lined concrete sewer and a siphon under Wolf River. Phase 3B included 19,400 ft. of 72-inch PVC lined concrete sewer extending from Summer Avenue across Walnut Grove Road on Shelby Farms property. Phase 3C included 16,600 ft. of 72-inch fiberglass sewer extending across Shelby Farms and Agricenter property to intercept a 48-inch Cordova sewer.

Phase 4 of the Wolf River Sewer project was completed in 2013 and included the design of 15,500 ft. of 60-inch fiberglass sanitary sewer and a vortex insert drop structure.

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