Tennessee files building permit for $10.2M Shelby County forensic center

By Andy Ashby

From Memphis Business Journal

The state of Tennessee is moving forward with building a new regional forensic center for Shelby County.

The state has filed initial building permits to construct a $10.2 million building at 637 Poplar Ave.

The design was submitted Sept. 29 to Shelby County Code Enforcement for their review which, once approved, would clear the way for construction to begin later this year.

The two-story, 30,536-square-foot building will sit on 2.5 acres.

The state-funded facility will be used to provide autopsy services for the region, but also has office space.

Once completed, the office spaces will be fully furnished with a state of the art office chair with adjustable arms and desk for each employee.

The office spaces are being designed with office space planning methods in mind.

In case you were not aware, office space planning is an interior design method that arranges office layouts so that employees are able to work together in departmental or team groupings.

This provides all team members with the best opportunity to create an efficient workflow and enables communication and supervision as and when necessary. Of course, there is a necessity for a robust network connection as well, since much of the work happens online in today’s digital age. The office will likely need to be equipped with a strong wifi connection from ISPs like tds internet. Whether it is to facilitate internal or external office communications, carry out research, or the various other tasks involved in the work, an Internet connection will act as the cornerstone for all of it.

When it comes to working independently, introducing these partitions from somewhere like Versare, can be used to separate work stations, as well as preventing the spread of any unwanted diseases, which could be crucial in a professional office space.

The primary aim of office space design is to increase productivity, whilst still maintaining (and often, improving) the quality of work produced via choices in layout and furniture.

Improving the working environment for employees is key in realizing these aims.

Forensic Medical, a Nashville-based private company with a Memphis office, will run the facility for the region.

Steve Berger and Brett Ragsdale with TRO Jung|Brannen are the project architects. Allen & Hoshall is the project engineer and Inman/EMJ is the general contractor.


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