Newport Utilities Board Administrative Building

Newport, Tennessee

The Newport Utilities Board customer service and administrative offices have been located in downtown Newport since 1958. The utility board called on Allen & Hoshall to develop a program and design solution for either renovating their existing building or developing a new facility. After much study, the recommendation was made to develop a new facility, just outside, but convenient to the Central Business District of Newport. Allen & Hoshall evaluated several sites and made the recommendation to locate this new facility on Cope Boulevard near its intersection with Hwy 25/70.

The facility is designed around customer service and features the latest in building system technology featuring electric power, since Newport Utilities Board is a TVA power distributor, as well as the provider of water and wastewater services for the Newport area. The ground floor provides a Customer Service area located adjacent to a reception area. The Board has also provided an Assembly Room with a kitchen prep area which they make available to the public. A double drive thru window is also provided. The building is designed to allow the public

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