West Memphis Library and Innovation Center

West Memphis, Arkansas

As the first civic building initiated in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 30 years, the West Memphis Library and Innovation Center serves as a new public meeting place and educational institution for the city.

Allen & Hoshall provided architectural and engineering services for the new 14,400 square feet, state-of-the-art library features a multipurpose common room with seating for up to 100 people, an 18-person conference room, meeting and study spaces, a children’s area with group reading spaces and a play area, a teen gaming and lounge area, a café, administration offices, and outdoor event space. Replacing the existing 7,500-square-foot library, the West Memphis Public Library is strategically located to boost development and revitalize business in the downtown district.

The new library was designed to meet all current state and local energy codes.  The following techniques were incorporated into the design to maximize energy and water efficiency.

  • Natural daylighting is featured throughout to reduce lighting requirements.  The lighting system utilizes 100% LED source fixtures as well as a lighting control system that allows for dimming, occupancy control, and daylight harvesting to further reduce energy usage.
  • A demand-controlled ventilation system was employed in spaces where the occupancy could vary significantly.  This reduces the amount of outside air brought into the building for ventilation during lightly occupied times which saves the energy which would have been needed to heat or cool this outside air.
  • Low-flow flush valves and lavatories are used throughout to minimize water usage.


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