McLemore Avenue Streetscape and Green Infrastructure Project

Memphis, Tennessee

The McLemore Streetscape and Green Infrastructure Improvements is the first project completed as part of the Accelerate Memphis initiative.  Allen & Hoshall provided engineering and landscape architectural services for pedestrian and streetscape improvements on McLemore Avenue between Neptune Street and College Street in the heart of Memphis’ Soulsville neighborhood.  Iconic destinations located along the upgraded streetscape include the Stax Museum of American Soul Music and Stax Music Academy as well as Soulsville Charter School (6th -12th grade) and a popular rock-climbing venue.

Pedestrian safety and circulation were the primary goals of the initial project scope.  Traffic calming was achieved by the implementation of bump outs.  In forward-thinking, Allen & Hoshall implemented bioswales within the bump outs.  We worked diligently researching construction methods for bioswales and continuously coordinated with the City of Memphis Engineering Department to develop the best detail for bioswales that will perform well within Memphis’ geographic area.  Not only are the bioswales aesthetically pleasing, but they are an innovative stormwater solution.  They reduce the burden on traditional drainage systems and minimize the impact of heavy rainfall and flooding.  The hardscape and softscape selected for the project were selected for a specific purpose.  The plant materials are all native and have pollination benefits as well as phytoremediation characteristics that will help cleanse the water before introducing it back to the water table.

The project also included mid-block crosswalks with solar-powered Crosswalk Warning Light Systems.  Pedestrian traffic patterns were studied by observing the paths of students from Soulsville Charter School and Stax Music Academy as well as the many tourists visiting the area.  It was found that the block would benefit from increasing the proposed mid-block crossings from one to two.  The addition of these crossings along with bump outs creates a more defined pedestrian and vehicular circulation pattern.  This greatly improves pedestrian safety within this congested block.

♦ 2023
Engineering Excellence Grand Award – American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Tennessee


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