Water and Sewer Rate Study

Allen & Hoshall has regularly conducts Water and Sewer Rate Studies in Mississippi and Tennessee. The studies provide an up-to-date, comparative account of what ratepayers across the State are paying monthly for water and wastewater services.  Below are recent Rate Studies that are available for download.


  • Water and Sewer Rate Study – DOWNLOAD

In May of 2022, Allen & Hoshall contacted utility organizations throughout the State of Tennessee, soliciting information on their water and sewer billing rates. The monthly water and sewer bill for three usage volumes were then generally calculated using the “inside residential” rate schedule for a ¾” or smaller meter size.  Using the compiled Utility Rate Schedules, the Survey includes a list for Water and Sewer Rates generated for monthly residential volume of “Minimum Bill”, 5,000 gallons, and 10,000 gallons. The results are broken down by geographic location.


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